Plaza Interiör  Nr 7  2014

Tidningen Nära  Nr 5  2013



Rädda Barnen  Residence  2013



Femina  nr 1 2013



Femina  nr 11 2012



Purple Area  September 2012



RoombySofie  September 2012



Leva & Bo  nr 34 2012



A merry mishap  August 2012



Do you fancy this  August 2012

"That I've managed to live without a tunisian fouta during all these summers seems totally impossible..."



Mokkasin  July 1 2012

"Fouta de Val is a blanket that you can use as a towel. Or vice versa. As the softest blanket on a summer night. As a stylish scarf that really is a blanket. Or a towel. 
Or whatever you want. "