about us

Fouta de Val is a Tunisian product that can be used  as a towel, throw, scarf or tablecloth. The traditional fouta (pronounced foo-tah) measures one by two meter and is woven in cotton in two types of weaving, flat or honeycomb.

The color range is wide, they can be one coloured or striped in different variations. It is  great to mix and mismatch the different models to create a unique style of unexpected combinations.

Fouta de Val measures 190 x 100 cm and weighs only 350 grams, a perfect substitute for your towel after a shower or bath. It is convenient to take with you, dries faster than conventional towels and can also be used as a bedspread or accessory. It is perfect on a rock in the archipelago or on holiday in the sun. Take it for a picnic and let it warm on cool summer evenings as a blanket.

Production takes place in small, traditional ateliers in Tunisia, where the production of foutas has a long history. They are made with great knowledge and a wide range of colors and finishes that changes every season. Because it is a handicraft product, size or colour may sometimes vary, it is all part of the charm and makes your fouta even more unique.

Handmade foutas are today more and more rare and out-competed by mass-produced varieties of poor quality. By purchasing a Fouta de Val you are supporting the local craft tradition in Tunisia. The textile industry accounts for a large proportion of its exports and contributes to the livelihood of many people.

Photographer: Clément Morin