Sahara has a flat cotton texture that  is durable yet soft and absorb water well. It comes in a variety of earthy tones that work for both holiday and everyday use. A Fouta weighs less than a regular towel and is easy to take with you.

Perfect as: towel, picnic, small tablecloth.

€ 38


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Sahara - lavender
A light lavender Fouta in smooth cotton structure that is perfect as decorative tablecloth or bla..
Ex Tax: 280kr
Sahara - mustard
Sahara has a flat texture of cotton and is perfect as a decorative blanket on the sofa, as a beds..
Ex Tax: 280kr
Sahara - orange
A colorful fouta in orange that immediately catches the eye. It is made of one hundred percent co..
Ex Tax: 280kr
Sahara - terracotta red
A classic red fouta in flat cotton texture, perfect as tablecloth, picnic blanket or as a decorat..
350kr 188kr
Ex Tax: 150kr